May 2013






2013 Nippon lodge 9 Officers                         





Nippon Lodge # 9 Stated Meeting @1800


Worshipful Master



WB Henry Staggs




LOI:Nippon Lodge #9

(MM) @ 1800


Senior Warden


Bro Kiyoteru Abe




 3rd Degree Conferral  @ 1800


Junior Warden


Bro Mike Velarmino




Himiko Lodge # 24  Stated Meeting

@ 1300




VWB Rick Ehret, SGL




3rd Degree Conferral
           @ 0900




RWB Marvin Abueg, SGW




Family "potluck" picnic @ 1100-1500,

Gazebo behind BLDG 80




WB Tony Cuaycong, PM




LOI: Nippon Lodge # 9 

(FC)  @ 1800




Bro Phillip Hinnant



LOI: Nippon Lodge # 9 

(FC)  @ 1800


Senior Deacon


Bro Rommel Nocon




2rd Degree Conferral

    @ 1800


Junior Deacon


Bro Jerron Laurente





Nippon Lodge # 9 Stated Meeting @ 1800


Senior Steward


Bro Benjie Delosreyes




Himiko Lodge # 24 Stated Meeting 

@ 1300


Junior Steward


Bro James Wheeler





Bro Randy Bell


 From the East:

1. Congratulations to Bros Joe Cockerel and Evan Burris for being Passed to the 2nd degree of Masonry and Bro Jimmy Harmon for being raised to the sublime degree.

2.   I would like to thank all our Brothers and friends who helped out with our Charity event at the Siefuen Orphanage Easter Basket giving. As always, it was another memorable Easter for the kids.

    There are more events expected to happen this year and we all look forward to seeing you there.   Everyone, both Masons, visitors or even family members are more than welcome to attend to these events. You can count this as a time for bonding or even a chance to meet new friends, because on this basis we form our friendships and establish our connections.

3.  Brethren, June 24th is recognized as the Festival of our patron Saint, St. John the Baptist. I am currently open for suggestions as to what we can do to celebrate this event. Preferably on the 22nd.  

 CHAPTER VIIIOf The Festivals

 B Art. 69. The festivals of St. John the Baptist, on the 24th of June, and of St. John the Evangelist,  on the 27th of December, are recognized as the Festivals of the patron Saints of Freemasonry; and it is recommended to every Lodge, annually, to celebrate one or both in such manner as will be most conducive to its advantage and the honor and benefit of the Institution

4.  We will have our first Family Potluck picnic on the 18th, Main base (pavilion behind BLDG 80, right next to HVC) at 11am to 3pm. All Brethren, their families and guests are welcome. Please submit your info to Brother Jerron Laurente.  See you there!!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Worshipful Brother Henry James Staggs

WM, Nippon Lodge # 9

Yokosuka Lodge # 20

Himiko Lodge # 24

Tokyo Bodies, A&ASR, SJ

From the West:

1. Congratulations to Bro Jimmy Harmon who was recently Raised to the 3rd degree.

 2.  Brethren, thank you for participated in our charity event on the 5th of April at the Seifu-en Orphanage.

        20 members, to include sisters and petitioners showed up in this wonderful event.  

 3. Brothers, Lodge of Instruction (LOI) is a time for us to train and practice. Please take advantage of this time to learn and                             

       eventually step up to other positions. I highly encourage you to be there as every one of us needs it.

       Fraternally and Sincerely,

       Brother Kiyuteru Abe

       SW, Nippon Lodge # 9

       Treasurer, Himiko Lodge # 24

 From the South:

      1. Congratulations to Bros Joe Cockerel and Evan Burris for beingPassed to the 2nd degree of        

          Masonry and Bro Jimmy Harmon for being raised to the sublime degree of MM

       2.  I would like to Thank Worshipful Brother Tumang for ALL his help in and out of the Lodge             

            during his military tour here inSasebo. Good Luck on your next tour in San Diego.


          Please visit our website for photos.

        Fraternally and Sincerely,

        Brother Mike Velarmino

        JW, Nippon Lodge # 9

Entered Apprentice’s

Bro Ian Dave Jordan

Bro Erik Abalos

Bro Fredderick Catbagan

Fellow Craft’ 

                                                                                Bro Troy Brown

                                                                                                   Bro Porter Burris



Nino Dita, USS Germantown

Wilson Dacasin, USS BHR

Roland Santos, Dependent

                                                                                   Yasunari Michiwaki, Auto Mechanic

                                                                                    Yamanaka Hiroshi, SRF Employee

Masuda Hiroshi, SRF Employee 

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