September 2014            

 From the East:

1. I  would like to thank all our Brothers and friends who helped out at the GW Travelers fellowship. It was over whelming to see how Masonry unites us to accomplish our goals.

2. congratulations to Bro. Purification who was recently initiated in the 1st Degree of Masonry.

3. Congratulations to Bro. Frian Tallo who was raised the the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in August of 2014. Keep up the great work Brother!

4. Brothers, Lodge of Instruction (LOI) is a time for us to train and practice. Please take advantage of this time to learn and eventually step up to other positions. I hightly encourage you to be there as everyone of us needs it.

From the West:

1. Congratulations to Bro. Frian Tallo who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

2. Congratulations to oiur newly initiated Brother, Bro. Purification. Welcome to the Craft.


 From the South:

     Congratulations to our newly raised brother, Bro. Frian Tallo, and newly initiated brother, Bro. Purification. Let the light of the Fraternity guide you in your endeavors while building that house not made with hands. As you might have known now, the brotherhood is a hand that with your utmost confidence you can rely upon.

     Appreciate all the efforts of the brethren that extended their cable tow to the GW Brethren that called for fellowship and charity work while in-port.


     Congratulations to Himiko Lodge #24 for the celebration of her first year of consecration. It was indeed a successful and enjoyable celebration.

     Brethren, everyone is encouiraged to attend our weekly Lodge of Instruction. It is our only opportunity to train on the floor and degree work of the Lodge and help us to maintain our proficiencies. See you all!!

Entered Apprentice’s

Bro Ian Dave Jordan

Bro Erik Abalos

Bro Fredderick Catbagan

Fellow Craft’ 

                                                                                Bro Troy Brown

                                                                                                   Bro Porter Burris



Nino Dita, USS Germantown

Wilson Dacasin, USS BHR

Roland Santos, Dependent

                                                                                   Yasunari Michiwaki, Auto Mechanic

                                                                                    Yamanaka Hiroshi, SRF Employee

Masuda Hiroshi, SRF Employee 

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